Health & Safety

Keeping you safe

Here at The Bounce House, your safety is our number one priority, as well as ensuring you are all having fun of course! But jumping on trampolines is an inherently dangerous activity and is categorised as an extreme sport. As such, it is really important for all participants to understand the risks and to follow set rules, safety guidelines and jump within their own ability. 

See below for the ways in which our Trampoline Park was designed with safety in mind.

Soft Trampoline Walls

One way to keep our jumpers safe is by surrounding our trampolines with soft but strong, 8-ft-high trampoline walls. These walls are strong enough that jumpers can bounce off them and back onto the trampoline floor.

Raised Floors

All areas beside the trampolines that are not adjacent to a trampoline wall are at the same level as the trampoline floor and padded with soft foam.


Our trampolines have no exposed springs or gaps to fall through. All steel framework and springs are covered by the appropriate thickness of padded foam.

Foam Pit

Our foam pit contains four feet of foam on top of a trampoline floor. Court monitors are present at all times to ensure the safety rules are adhered to.


Above the 8-ft high trampoline walls there is additional netting to keep jumpers within in the area. For added safety, netting is also used to surround the foam pit area, sports goal and leaping platform.

Court Monitors

Safety staff check the equipment on a regular basis to ensure all the equipment is in safe working order. Jumping areas within the park are supervised at all times by trained Bounce House staff who make sure safety rules are adhered to.

We want all of our jumpers to have a fantastic, fun-filled, high-flying experience and leave us feeling exhilarated! 

Therefore, before you begin you will be shown a short safety briefing video explaining the rules of our park.

Waivers must be completed

Unfortunately there are NO EXCEPTIONS. No waiver = No Jumping! Children under 18 years of age must have their waiver completed by a parent or guardian.

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